Sirao Peak – Cebu Trekking Adventure in Mt. Kan-Irag


I have a colleague who had previously completed the hike to Sirao Peak and he wanted to bring beginner hikers to trek the same trail he took. I am one of those who decided to take on the challenge and conquer Mt. Kan-Irag.

This peak is very memorable to me because this is the longest hike that I have conquered, enduring almost 6 hours of trekking. This was also the first mountain that I spent a night camping on.

There are multiple trails to Sirao Peak. You can either take the Budlaan Trail or the Backdoor Trail. Our colleagues decided to take on the Budlaan Trail because it is more challenging and it makes the completion of the trail more fulfilling upon reaching the peak. During our hike, the terrains were slippery because it rained a day before we trekked. If you’re planning to take on the challenge of reaching the peak, make sure to check the weather first to avoid accidents and to make sure of your safety.

City view from Sirao Peak
Hike team who conquered Sirao Peak

Budlaan Trail

This trail usually takes 4-6 hours of hike to reach the peak, although this trail is more challenging because of the different courses you’ll have to overcome like the very steep and rocky hills and traversing river trails. In this trail, you’ll get to enjoy the view of multiple falls like Kabang Falls and Tinisik-uwang Falls.

Backdoor Trail

The Backdoor trail will only take you about an hour to reach the peak and this trail is usually used as an exit trail hence the name ‘backdoor’. This trail is less challenging and you won’t need to traverse any rivers.

City view from Sirao Peak

How to get there? (Sirao Peak via Budlaan Trail)

  1. Meet with your group at Gaisano Grand Mall at Talamban Cebu City. (You can check Cebu Jeepney route to know what jeepney route to take for you to get there.)
  2. Look for Motortaxis ( Habal-Habal ) nearby to take you to Sitio Baugo in Budlaan. This will cost you ₱ 50/habal-habal or around ₱ 25/per person.
  3. At Sitio Baugo, Local officials will instruct you to log your name and address for profiling. ( You can check the map below to locate the trailhead point)
  4. Start Your trail. ( For your security, it is much better if you join with someone who is a pro when you take this trail.)

How to get there? (Sirao Peak via Backdoor Sirao)

  1. Meet with your group at JY Square Mall in Lahug. (You can check Cebu Jeepney route to know what jeepney routes you can take to get there.)
  2. Ride a Motortaxi going to Sirao. Fare prices depend on your negotiation with the driver. (prove your bidding skills lol).
  3. The driver will drop you off at the foot of the mountain. Hiking starting from the foot of the mountain will take you 30mins to an hour to reach the peak.
  4. Enjoy the breathtaking view!

Few Tips

Check the weather before you conquer Sirao peak. Safety is a priority.

Bring your trash along with you and dispose of it properly. Leave no trace and let us be responsible hikers.

Bring enough water for the duration of your camp.

If you want more adventures like this, check out camping in cebu.

You may check our vlog to know more about Sirao Peak 🙂 Happy Trekking!

Apchamp’s Sirao Peak Escapade in Cebu City

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