How to sanitize and protect yourself from COVID-19

The SARS-CoV-2 virus can spread from person to person and can transmit via respiratory droplets of people within 6 feet. Current evidence suggests that the virus can survive for days on different surfaces and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC, disinfection is a best practice measure for the prevention of the COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses.

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Here are some of the preventive measures we can apply in our households to lessen our risks from coronavirus.

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Personal Protection from COVID-19

  1. Always Wash Your Hands – Wash your hands for at least 20-30 seconds with soap and running water. You can tell your children to wash their hands while singing the Happy Birthday song which makes it easier to remember.
  2. Disinfect your hand using Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer – It is preferred to use 70% Isopropyl/Ethyl Alcohol. Rub your hand for at least 20-30 seconds until dry. make sure to cover your whole hands with the solution.
  3. Practice Social/Physical Distancing – maintain at least 1-meter distance from the next person wherever you go to lessen the risk of contracting the disease.
  4. Don’t touch your face – Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth as these are the regions where infections can enter our body.
  5. Wear MaskN95 Respirator Mask and surgical mask are some of the masks you can use. This is to also lessen the spread of the disease.
  6. Personal Protective Equipment – This is advisable for those who handle COVID-19 patients.

Home and Food Sanitation

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  1. Regularly clean high touch surfaces.High touch surfaces are commonly used objects/surfaces. This includes doorknobs, cellphones, telephones and more.
  2. Sanitize utensils.
  3. Ensure everything is well cooked.
  4. Wash your clothes regularly – Do not shake your dirty laundry as this will disperse germs and viruses through the air like COVID-19 causing viruses. It is also advised to wash laundry hampers and bags.
  5. Sanitizing your take-out food – transfer your food to a clean plate and throw the container immediately.
  6. Sanitizing your groceries – before you store your groceries, make sure to sanitize it first.
    • For packaged products. you may wipe it with a clean cloth with 70% alcohol or disinfectant.
    • For Fruits and Vegetables. you may wash it first using running water.
  7. Use separate chopping boards for raw meats.
  8. Regularly throw your trash – be sure to regularly throw your trash and avoid it piling up as this will attract pests.

Alternative disinfectant

No alcohol? No problem. There is an alternative disinfectant by using diluted household bleach.

You may use this formulation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Making handwashing solution from liquid bleach
Making handwashing solution from liquid bleach | Source :
How to make strong chlorine Solution
How to make strong chlorine Solution | Source :

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