NY Buffalo Brads – The Spiciest Wing in Cebu.


Craving for chicken wings but want to take it to the next level? Is the basic spicy flavor not enough for your taste? Here at New York Buffalo Brad’s, you can get to choose your spice level according to your preferences!

I personally desire to eat spicy food because it adds a story to the food. It’s like adding an intense adventure to the basic meal. In addition to that, it’s also good to note that according to studies, spicy food is beneficial to our health because it helps speed up our metabolism and it also battles inflammation. With that in mind, you might want to overtake the intense hotness of the chicken wings at New York Buffalo Brad’s.

The restaurant serves pasta, ribs, sausages, and different flavored chicken wings at your preferred level of hotness. They also have a challenge called “The World’s Hottest Wings Suicidal Challenge” where they dare their customers to try the “Spiciest wings in Cebu”, and winners may receive exciting perks and they can be posted in their “Wall of Flame”.

Buffalo Brads Wall of flame

In addition, NY Buffalo Brad’s exterior is very unique because the restaurant is made up of big container vans which they designed in an attractive architecture; making sure that customers could get to enjoy the outside view.

NY Buffalo Brad's Menu
NY Buffalo Brad’s Menu

Buffalo Brad’s Branches

  • Garden Bloc, Cebu IT Park
  • G/F Ayala Mall Central Bloc, Cebu IT Park

NY Buffalo Brads Hot Wings menu

Chicken Wings :

Price *
6 Pieces Chicken Wings ₱ 174.00
10 Pieces Chicken Wings ₱ 290.00
20 Pieces Chicken Wings ₱ 560.00

includes any of these flavors at your preference :

  • Classic Buffalo
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Brad’s Gravy
  • Italian
  • BBQ Lime
  • Sweet Spicy
  • Honey Mustard
  • Orange BBQ
  • Milky Way

Level of Hotness for your Chicken Wings :

Moderate ₱20.00 ₱30.00 ₱50.00
Wild ₱ 20.00 ₱30.00 ₱ 50.00
Hot ₱ 20.00 ₱30.00 ₱50.00
Insane ₱30.00 ₱40.00 ₱60.00

NY Buffalo Brad’s Ribs

Ribs Original Sauce with Rice ₱ 249.00
Ribs Spicy Sauce with Rice ₱ 259.00


Hungarian Sausage Sandwich ₱ 99.00
Hungarian Sausage with Rice ₱ 99

+ 16oz drinks add ₱ 30.00

NY Buffalo Brads Pasta

Spaghetti ₱ 99.00
Carbonara ₱ 99.00

Add Ons

Plain Rice ₱ 25.00
Turmeric Rice ₱ 30.00
French Fries (BBQ, Cheese and Sour Cream) ₱ 89.00
Churros (Chocolate,Vanilla & Caramel) ₱ 139.00
Mozzarella Sticks ₱ 149.00


Ice Tea, Lemonade, Pineapple and Four Season ₱ 39.00 ₱ 49.00
Bottled Water ₱ 30.00
Milk ₱ 60.00
Beverages (Softdrinks) ₱35 (16oz) / ₱ 45.00 (22oz)
Local Beer ₱65 (Trio Bootle) / ₱ 135.00
Imported Beer ₱95.00

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  1. I don’t like much spicy. But it looks very delicious food! Thank you for sharing, god bless!

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