Mr. Crab: Cebu’s Unlimited Seafood Haven

Seafoods served in Mr. Crab Cebu

My workmates and I were all craving for some seafood after a busy day at the office trying to hit our marks and completing our tasks. We all know how it is with stress, we need food to compensate for it. Everyone was hyped up with the idea of dining out, and we gathered suggestions on where to eat. Some of our colleagues have tried eating at Mr. Crabs and started talking about how good their specialties are.

Mr. Crab Seafood Retaurant
My colleagues decided to order Package E from Mr. Crab

This is my first time to try out Mr. Crab and just based on the feedback I heard from my colleagues about how good their food is, and my expectations for them are set high, and I attest that these expectations were met.

If you’re wondering if there is an Unlimited Seafood haven that is at an affordable price in Metro Cebu, I suggest you try out Mr. Crab which not only serves quality and fresh seafood, they also have great service. Mr. Crab can be both enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

The 3 branches of Mr. Crab across Metro Cebu

  1. Tambayan sa Consolacion Food Park ( Pitogo Bridge, Cebu N Rd, Consolacion, 6001 Cebu )
  2. Tambayan Food Park Bulacao Pardo (Bulacao, Natalio B. Bacalso Ave, Antuwanga, Cebu City, Cebu)
  3. Mr. Crab – Capitol Site (31 A. Climaco St, Cebu City, Cebu)
Seafood Menu in Mr. Crabs Cebu
Delicious Seafood Cuisines at Mr. Crab Cebu

How to get to Mr. Crab – Capitol Site?

Mr. Crab is located at 31 A. Climaco St, Capitol Site, Cebu City – near NBI Satellite office.

If you’re going to take the jeepney from Cebu IT Park, you can take 17B Jeepney and drop off at the Capitol Site. You can check the list of Cebu Jeepney routes to know what jeepney routes are convenient for your current location.

Mr. Crab Unlimited Seafood Rates

  • ₱ 399 /head for unlimited steamed crabs
    • This promo is only available from 10 AM to 2 PM from Mondays to Sundays dine-in customers.
    • Additional ₱ 50 good for 4 flavors
    • Additional ₱ 35 per cup of rice
    • Additional ₱ 50 for the drinks
A Big signage outside Mr. Crab Restaurant
Mr. Crab photo op

Barkada Food Packages to Enjoy *

PACKAGE A @ ₱1,699PACKAGE B @ ₱ 1,499
10 Crabs5 Crabs
12 Shrimp10 Shrimp
Guso ( Native Seaweeds)5 Barbeque
Lato (Sea Grapes)5 Chorizo
10 Cup of riceGuso (Native Seaweeds)
 Lato (Sea Grapes)
 10 Cups of Rice
PACKAGE C @ ₱ 1,599 PACKAGE D @ ₱ 2,099
10 Crabs11 Crabs
5 Shrimp10 Shrimp
5 Barbeque2 Squid
5 Chorizo5 Barbeque
Guso (Native Seaweeds)5 Chorizo
Lato (Sea Grapes)Guso (Native Seaweeds)
10 cups of RiceLato (Sea Grapes)
 10 cups of Rice
PACKAGE E @ ₱2,499PACKAGE F @ ₱1,469
16 Crabs6 Crabs
15 Shrimp8 Shrimp
1 Squid4 Barbeque
5 Barbeque4 Chorizo
6 ChorizoGuso (Native Seaweeds)
Guso (Native Seaweeds)Lato (Sea Grapes)
Lato (Sea Grapes)10 Cups of Rice
10 cups of Rice 
Mr Crab Capitol Cebu
Mr. Crab Capitol Cebu

Affordable rates good for 3 Person *

Package G1 @ ₱539Package G2 @ ₱799
2 Crabs2 Crabs
2 Barbeque20 Shrimp
2 ChorizoGuso (Native Seaweeds)
Guso (Native Seaweeds)Lato (Sea Grapes)
Lato (Sea Grapes)3 Cup of Rice
3 Cup of Rice 
Package G3 @ ₱779Package G4 @ ₱579
4 Crabs3 Crabs
10 Shrimp4 Shrimp
4 Barbeque4 Barbeque
3 Chorizo4 Chorizo
Lato (Sea Grapes)Lato (Sea Grapes)
Guso (Native Seaweeds)Guso (Native Seaweeds)
3 Cup of Rice3 Cup of Rice
Package G5 @ ₱699Package G6 @ ₱609
3 Crabs2 Crabs
2 Barbeque5 Shrimp
2 Chorizo2 Barbeque
Lato (Sea Grapes)2 Chorizo
Guso (Native Seaweeds)Lato (Sea Grapes)
3 cup of riceGuso (Native Seaweeds)
 3 Cup of Rice
Package G7 @ ₱649 
4 Crabs 
4 Shrimp 
2 Barbeque 
2 Chorizo 
Lato (Sea Grapes) 
Guso (Native Seaweeds) 
3 cup of rice 

For Solo Meal / Alacart *

Price may vary from time to time *

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