Fat Dois Cebu : Your Best place for your cheese-all-you-want cravings

Fat Dois

It was only in our wildest dreams to be served our favorite food in a pool of melted cheese but now it’s a reality with Fat Dois.

This is one of the most talked-about food places in Cebu because they have the cheesiest menu, and this stretchy cheese is served piping hot with their sizzling plates. They serve distinctive cuisines like shrimps, ramen, and various delicious meats.

A cheese filled chicken dish. – Cheese Chix

Fat Dois’ shop is filled with the aroma of warm cheese and just hearing the searing sound of your outgoing order excites everyone on their tables.

The shop does not allow reservations, and people are more than willing to wait in line to get a taste of their cheesy cuisines.

Chreemps shrimp with cheese sauce
Chreemps shrimp with cheese sauce

When we dined here, we tried their chreemps which is shrimp with cheese, we also tried their cheesy chix, and spicy noodles with spam and cheese. These cuisines are worth every penny!

Store Signage

Fat Dois Branches

  • A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City.
  • ParkMall Branch – 2/F ParkMall Mandaue City

Fat Dois Menu


Cheese Ribs ₱ 259.00
Cheese Chix ₱ 209.00
Spicy Noodles with Spam and Cheese ₱ 189.00
Chreemps shrimp with cheese sauce ₱ 269.00
Mac & Chix Macaroni and Fried Chix ₱ 189.00
Nacho Skin chicken skin nachos ₱ 149.00


Coke/Sprite/Royal Softdrinks ₱ 20.00
Iced Tea ₱ 60.00
San Miguel Light ₱ 50.00
Flavored Drink ₱ 60.00
Bottled Water ₱ 25.00


Kimchi Rice ₱ 140.00
Plain Rice ₱ 20.00
French Fries ₱ 100.00
Extra Cheese ₱ 60.00

How to get to Fat Dois?

A.S. Fortuna Branch ( By Jeepney from Cebu City )

  • Ride 62B from Ayala Mall Cebu – Cebu Business Park via Pit-Os and stop over by Banilad Town Center.
  • From there, ride 22I going to Cebu Builders or you can just walk straight to A.S Fortuna.
  • Walk for about 2mins going to Fat Dois A.S Fortuna Branch.

A.S. Fortuna Branch ( By Jeepney from Banilad, exactly from Gaisano Country Mall )

  • Ride 20I from country mall going to A.S Fortuna

ParkMall Branch ( By Jeepney from Ayala Mall )

  • From Ayala Mall Cebu in Business Park. ride 20A going to Hall of Justice
  • Walk for at lease 5 minutes going to Park Mall

ParkMall Branch ( Commute from Mactan-Cebu International Airport )

  • Ride on MyBus transit bus located at the arrival area
  • Stopover at ParkMall and look for Fat Dois.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are they open?

Fat Dois is open from 5:30am until 10pm Monday to Sunday

Do they accept reservations?

They are not accepting on-call reservations. they only accepts walk in diners.


  • Best of the best for the cheese lover. Place quite small w/ long line waiting for dishes. The price is pretty cheap!

  • My sister already told me that it will take a long time in order to have a seat there because she just work nearby in Fat Dois but we didn’t expect that it will take us 3-4 hours to wait but we don’t have anychoice because we want to try it. At first the food is really delicious, mouthwatering and so cheesy but the more you eat isn’t good. We ordered a lot because we are very hungry of waiting but we didn’t able to finish all the food we order. 🤦 Their place is quiet small also thatswhy and you need to wait again for your order when you are inside. So much patient you need if you are going to eat in this place.

  • Went here early because this place is notorious for their lines. Food is a bit unique but i felt the kimchi rice was their best dish. Staff should try to assist first timers who don’t know what they are doing.

  • Good food, but I don’t like the way you have to wait outside to get a seat… then have to wait inside again to order foods. They could have given us the menu while waiting outside. Too much waiting time. (45 minutes waiting outside to be accomodated plus 15 minutes waiting inside for orders) Food is great and cheap though

  • Went here with friends to experience Fat Dois. Got lucky that the waiting line is not too long. Got prioritized right away the moment that we told the service crew we would like to take our spot. Customer service wise, service crews are friendly. Menu is straightforward and price is reasonable. Place is good for groups. Ordered Kim-chi rice, some chicken and cheese, and their recommended shrimps with cheese. I don’t find their dishes really special (see below). But I think if you are the person who loves cheese so much, this is the place for you. Other than that, nothing to recommend, really.


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