Chingkeetea: CDO’s favorite milk tea is now in Cebu

Chingkeetea Logo in Cebu

Milktea is now a very popular beverage for the Millenials and everyone has their own favorite. Kagay-anon’s favorite, however, is ChingkeeTea which boasts authentic Taiwanese milk tea. My personal favorite from Chingkeetea is their Classic Milktea, and I top it off with Vanilla Ice Cream! Yum! Just thinking about it makes me drool.

Kagay-anons who have moved out from the CDO to Cebu have been voicing out their requests to have ChingkeeTea in Cebu, and Chingkee heard them. They opened their first shop outside of Mindanao which is located along F. Ramos Street, across Velez College in Cebu City.

Chinkee Tea is well-loved by the locals from Cagayan de Oro since they don’t just offer tea, they also offer the store’s artistic ambiance. They have multiple shops and each shop offers different artistic approaches.

We visited the new shop in Cebu and we have observed that they took a minimalistic approach to their shop layout. They maintained neutral colors and minimal designs.

Chingkeetea cebu signage
Chingkeetea’s sign outside their shop has a minimal design.
Chingkeetea cebu
The shop;’s entrance door gives out a homey touch.
Chingkeetea cebu wall design
Upon entering, you are greeted with wall art.
Chingkeetea cebu order station
Even their ordering station has minimal decors of neutral colors.
Chingkeetea cebu menu
Their menu is also presented in a simple yet pleasing way

How to Get There

ChingkeeTea is located at F. Ramos Street, across Velez College in Cebu City. You have different options to get there through public commute. You can either take “habal-habal” motorcycle taxi, taxi cab, or jeepney.

Taking the Jeepney from Apas or Lahug area, you can take Jeepney code 17C and drop off at Velez College or exactly in front of Chingkeetea. You can check Cebu Jeepney Routes to know the Jeepney codes you can take to reach the shop if you’re from other areas of Cebu.

ChingkeeTea Menu

Medium Size: 85php
Large Size: 95php

Milk TeaFruit Teas
Black SugarLychee
WintermelonGreen Apple
Cookies & Cream Honeydew
Classic Thai Milktea

Want your tea blended? add 10php.
Some people want their milk tea with additional flavor, and Chinkee’s got you sis! Here is their list of add-ons.

Add-onsAdd-on Price
Baby Pearls15php
Nata de Coco15php
Coffee Jelly15php
Egg Pudding15php
Chocolate Pudding15php
Popping Boba20php
Aloe Vera20php
Scoop of Ice Cream20php
Cookies & Cream20php
Chingkee Cheese30php
Yakult fro Fruit Tea10php

Check out Chingkeetea’s website for more info about their products.

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