About Us

Welcome to Apchamp!

Apchamp is a Lifestyle+Travel Blog where we share our daily way of living and our travel itineraries and experiences. Currently, Apchamp focuses on local travel destinations in the Philippines to promote the real beauty of our country.

You might be asking what does Apchamp mean? It initially stands for ‘Apple is a Champion’ (a way for me to stay driven back in college. We all know how challenging it is to survive academically lol).

Speaking of college, I’ve met my other half back in the university, and he helped me establish this blog site. Now, Apchamp’s meaning changed. ‘Apple and Patrick are Champions’ (cheesy right? but we made it work. This also empowers us to face this thing called adulthood).

Patrick and I are both degree holders of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan, and we are both currently residing in the Queen City of the South: Cebu City, Philippines. Professionally, I work as a Software Engineer, and Patrick works as a Web Developer.

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